Forex white label partnership

The foreign exchange market is the largest of all markets in the world. The daily turnover is over 1.5 trillion US dollars. With such a high liquidity, making transactions is almost always possible and immediate. This is a great advantage because we can immediately sell the bought currency with a minimal loss resulting from the exchange rate difference (spread). The foreign exchange market is an OTC market (over the counter), which means it is decentralized. It is enough to have cash, a currency account, a computer and an internet connection to trade on it. The quotations last 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. The day of trading starts in Sydney passes through Singapore, Tokyo, Frankfurt, London ending in New York. This is due to the time shift.

The biggest advantages of forex

Exchange of currency into Forex takes place for three basic reasons: there is a benefit of changing exchange rates. We buy cheap currency and sell more expensive. Investment is also very important because exporters and importers receiving payments in foreign currencies exchange money for the currency in which they pay for the goods. Thus, we exchange currencies at the most-recent exchange rate.

The Forex market is for all natural persons, investors, companies, corporations, banks, etc. Worldwide, companies exporting and importing goods or services secure themselves against the risk of changing exchange rates.

What is a White Label partnership?

The White Label Forex partnership plays a huge role in the Forex industry and is a ubiquitous form of cooperation on all continents and in all market sectors. Such strategic alliances require careful consideration from the broker and the technology provider on how to use the White Label partner to gain distribution channels of their products, thus contributing to the generation of profits.

Enterprises that want to operate as a forex white label partnership will operate on a slightly different basis than in other financial markets. The broker and supplier of technological solutions, as well as the remuneration model, are best suited to the goals White Label’s partner wants to achieve.

Some time ago, brokers were looking at introducing brokers (IB) and strategic partners as important entities in recruiting and acquiring new clients. The purchase budget not used for the purchase of utilities can be paid to professionals who have contacts with clients, which largely helps to increase productivity. However, the spreads were higher than at present, so the commissions paid to IB were really insignificant.