What to choose – traditional forms of money or new opportunities provided by cryptocurrencies?
This is a question many investors ask themselves before entering the stock market or adding virtual
coins to their investment portfolio.

The cryptocurrency is an invention of the twenty-first century. When the first one, Bitcoin, has been
created in 2009, nobody expected it will enter into the investment environment for good, reaching
the value of a few thousand dollars. This entices more and more traders to invest in online
currencies, especially that there is a growing list of companies and shops, both stationary and on-
line, which allows paying for it.

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One of the advantages of investing in cryptocurrencies is that the trade in them is not regulated by
any banks or authorities, and it does not involve any bank margins or fees. What is more, such

investments are very profitable, they allow for returns as high as a few hundred percent. There is
also very little inflation associated with online currencies because, in opposition to other currencies,
they are not regulated by the governments of countries where they are primarily used. Another
benefit is that virtual coins, after they have been sold, cannot go back to the purchaser and nobody,
including government or bailiffs, cannot find the source of our funds.

Of course, as in the trading of all instruments, there is a certain amount of risk associated with the
investment. First of all, the market of virtual coins is highly volatile, and the prices fluctuate on the
daily basis, so the likelihood of gaining money is the same as losing it. You will also never get it in a
physical form and what is more, cryptocurrency can also be stolen from you by hackers.
Since the moment cryptocurrencies have entered the market, we have been experiencing their
massive growth and expansion, and we can assume their popularity as an investment tool will be still
growing. So if you are thinking of investing into cryptocurrencies, take all the risks and advantages
into consideration.

Another important thing to do after taking the decision to invest in cryptocurrency is the selection of
a broker to trade with, and ensure they offer enough crypto liquidity and reasonable margins. And
after a careful analysis and preparations, a newbie trader may start investing in cryptocurrencies,
having in mind that the profits may be huge, but there may be also losses involved.

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